Monday, November 9, 2015

Official Fork of the Improved 301 Redirect Module


After chatting with Chris Adams about my recent contributions to the improved version of the 301 redirect module (Original version was created by Chris Castle, available on the Marketplace), and the launch of version 2.0, we decided that I would be taking over the maintenance of the module. So if you have any questions or run into issues, you can inbox me at or reach out to me on Twitter: @MartinREnglish.

The new repository url is:

Some improvements you will see in version 2.0 include:

Ability to handle redirects for non-Sitecore hostnames
  • New setting for pipe separated list of non-Sitecore hostnames that are bound in IIS that you want to allow redirects from. Eg. "|"
  • New setting to redirect external host names where there is no match found, to a specific URL

Ability to redirect to relative destination paths using the redirect pattern. Eg:
  • Requested URL:
  • Regex match for “^/nice/blog/?”
  • Redirect to set
  • Redirect will go to

Geolocation Redirects using MaxMind
  • Ability to use MaxMind’s GeoIP2 Database or GeoIP2 Precision Services to determine visitor location, and redirect to specific URLs if a location match based on ISO Country Code or Continent code is found.

Caching layer for Geolocation Redirects
  • This was introduced to improve performance of Geolocation lookups

Hope that community benefits from the improvements!


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