Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to trigger xDB Pattern Cards using jQuery AJAX with Sitecore MVC



Sitecore makes it easy for content marketers to assign Profile Cards to pages when implementing a behavioral profile strategy, but more often than not, there are areas of today's modern Sitecore sites where this is a bit challenging.

For the same reason that you may want to trigger Goals or Outcomes using jQuery AJAX, an event driven way to trigger Pattern Cards would be equally useful.

My interest to achieve this was sparked while working on a eCommerce site where we implemented many, many dynamic lightboxes / modals during the ordering flow where we wanted to implement a part of our behavioral profiling strategy.

NOTE: The P’s of Sitecore Personalization can by somewhat tricky to understand, so if you need to brush up on the lingo before reading further, I suggest that you take a look at Mike Shaw's post on Profile Cards and Other P’s of Sitecore Personalization.


I am a fan of using Sitecore.Services.Client, and as I explained in this post, making your controllers xDB / session aware is pretty easy. If you prefer, you can most certainly use a regular MVC controller.

When thinking through the architecture, I wanted to be able to trigger multiple pattern cards using percentages as it would provide the most flexibility.

I needed to be sure that I had the right score calculation checks in place, as I wanted the same results as if the cards were triggered from a page where they had been assigned using the Content or Experience Editor.

You will see in the code that follows where I needed to ensure that the percentages sum had to be equal to 100 if there were multiple cards, or if there were more than one card without an assigned percentage to any of them, the percentages needed to be distributed evenly.

Pattern Card Model

Controller Action

This controller action may be a bit long-winded, but I wanted to demonstrate the flow of logic, from top to bottom.

Trigger using jQuery

Finally, here is an example button click event where we post an array of Pattern Card objects to our controller action.

Note, if you are using Sitecore.Services.Client or WebAPI, there is a known issue that will force you to change your data to be a single anonymous object instead of a raw array.